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you are not "crazy"

Lies-Affairs-Pornography-Strip Clubs-Prostitution-A Secret Double Life


This is just too much... What am I supposed to do with all of this? Where do I turn? Who should I tell? Who can I trust? What has he done? Who has he done it with? Friends? Family? Who else knows? Am I in danger? Are my children in danger? How long has he done this?

i don't even know who he is anymore

I can't think straight. I feel so depressed. I can't even get out of bed anymore. I can't eat. I can't stop eating. I don't even want to live anymore. Should I leave him? Is he going to leave me? How will I survive if he does? Does he really love me? I will never trust him again! Can I ever trust him again? I feel so ugly. I hate him! But I love him. Why was I not enough for him? Will I ever be enough for him? I can't compete with those women.

i feel lost and alone... god, where are you!?

does this sound familiar?

have you had some, or all of these thoughts at one time or another? If you have, then you are not alone. Discovery of your husbands sexual addiction is extremely traumatic and you can feel tossed about like a ship lost at sea?


I understand because I have been there! You do not have to stay where you are right now. I can help you find your way back to healing and wholeness once again. 

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